Effective immediately, with the exception of the Rock Springs Office, WYDOT highway shops will no longer be issuing permits. Advancements in technology and recent policy changes will allow the Wyoming Highway Patrol Ports of Entry to absorb the issuing of these permits for the highway shops allowing the highway shop clerks to focus more time on their other daily activities.

Customers who request a permit at a highway shop can be referred to a Wyoming Port of Entry to obtain whatever permit they need. The permit(s) can then be sent to the customer either by email or fax. Please refer to this list of Wyoming Ports of Entry phone numbers:

  • Alpine 307-654-7569
  • Casper 307-473-3280
  • Cheyenne I-80 307-777-4894
  • Cheyenne US 85 307-777-4895
  • Cheyenne I-25 307-777-4896
  • Evanston 307-789-3538
  • Frannie 307-664-2389
  • Gillette 307-682-4030
  • Kemmerer 307-877-4229
  • Laramie 307-745-2200
  • Lusk 307-334-3814
  • Sheridan/Dietz 307-674-2350
  • Sundance 307-283-1616
  • Torrington 307-532-2519