On Friday May 26, 2023 WHP Class 104 Trooper recruits made the transition to State Troopers taking the oath of Office administered By Chief Justice Kate M. Fox of the Wyoming Supreme Court. Congratulations to our WHP Graduating Academy class #104!

Trooper Evan J. Deneke #121 - Elk Mountain

Trooper Thomas W. Gamblin II #129 – Thermopolis

Trooper Timothy W. Howell #132- Rawlins

Trooper Kraig R. McInally #86- Cody

Trooper Kyle P. O`Malley #97- Casper

Trooper Valerie L. Patmore #108- Casper 

Trooper Crosby S. Ralston #140- Lovell 

Trooper Logan D. Sainsbury #111- Elk Mountain


Class 102 Award Recipients:


- Colonel's Leadership Award: Trooper Valerie L. Patmore #108
- Top Academic Award: Trooer Kyle P. O'Malley #97
- Top Fitness Award: Trooper Crosby S. Ralston #140
- Top Firearms Award: Trooper Logan D. Sainsbury #111