Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits


●    The average salary for a Trooper I starts at $29.30 an hour, depending on experience.
●    Once a Trooper attains Professional Peace Officer status, they move up to Trooper II and earn an average salary of $32.81 an hour. To qualify for Trooper II, you are required to have one of the following;
         - Bachelor's Degree or more and have two or more years of experience of Peace Officer Certification. 
         - Associate's Degree and have three or more years of experience of Peace Officer Certification. 
         - High School Diploma or GED and have five or more years of experience of Peace Officer Certification.
●    If applying from out of State for Trooper II and have questions or concerns about qualifying for Professional Peace Officer Certification, please call the Wyoming Peace Officer Standards and Training Division at 307-358-8213.
●    An automatic payroll deposit is mandatory.
●    Longevity pay of $40 per month is given for every five years of continuous service.
●    Base time worked with shift differential – An employee whose regularly assigned hours of work are between 6 pm and 6 am Monday through Friday and if any of your regularly assigned work hours are on Saturday and Sunday (counts towards your 80 hours). Holidays: Nine (9) paid holidays are observed each year. Troopers are paid overtime for all holidays.




Uniforms and Equipment:
●    All equipment and uniforms, except boots/shoes, are provided by the State.
●    A monthly allowance of $75 is given for cleaning the Trooper's uniforms.
●    Each Trooper is issued a take-home patrol vehicle, which is the Trooper's responsibility. The take-home patrol vehicle is not to be used for personal transportation when off duty.
          o    Vehicle maintenance and expenses are paid for by the State.
          o    Patrol vehicles vary in make, size, and model and may be specialized vehicles depending on the Trooper's assignment. 


Sick Leave 

●    The accrual rate for sick leave is eight (8) hours per month. An unlimited number of days may be accrued.


Vacation Leave  

●    Vacation leave accruals are determined by the amount of completed continuous months of service at the following rate:

Months of Service:
0 thru 48 = 8 hrs. Per month
49 thru 108 = 10 hours
109 thru 168 = 12 hours
169 thru 228 = 14 hours
229 or more = 16 hours

Maximum VTT Carry-Over
0 thru 48 = 240 hrs. (30 days)
49 thru 108 = 240 hrs. (30 days)
109 thru 168 = 288 hrs. (36 days)
169 thru 228 = 336 hrs. (42 days)
229 or more = 384 hrs. (48 days)


Medical Insurance 

The State of Wyoming provides a contribution to the employee's state insurance premiums (health, dental, and life) with a minimum of 80 hours of work time reported each month. Contributions for 2018 are as follows: Employee $833.07; Employee plus spouse $1,660.25; Employee plus children $1,267.18; Employee/Family $1,899.76 or Employee on split premiums $949.88.

Benefits are effective the first of the month following the employee's hire date. Monthly premiums are paid for coverage the following month. 

Medical insurance includes a schedule of basic benefits plus a major medical rider. Cigna underwrites the health plan.

For more information regarding health insurance and to view available summary benefit comparisons by deductible, please visit: 


Vision Insurance 

The State of Wyoming and VSP provide you with a choice of two affordable eye care plans. VSP provides coverage. If vision coverage is waived or dropped, there is a two-year waiting period before members can enroll in the coverage. Elections for vision coverage are for two years and may not be changed without a qualifying event. All VSP members and their families have access to TruHearing. This program offers savings on a wide variety of digital hearing aids and access to a professional network of providers.


Dental Insurance 

●    Employees are provided an opportunity to elect preventative or optional dental coverage as outlined below:

PREVENTIVE DENTAL INSURANCE - Preventive dental coverage is required if you have enrolled in health insurance. The premium for dental is only single or family, so even with just an employee and spouse, it is still considered family. Preventive dental covers two cleanings per year (separated by at least 5 months) and certain x-rays. The preventive has no deductible, and services are covered at 100%. Please see the plan booklet for complete eligibility and benefits.

OPTIONAL DENTAL INSURANCE - Optional dental covers restorative or corrective work such as fillings, crowns, etc. There is a $50 deductible per person with a maximum of $100 deductible per family. After the deductible, the benefits are paid at 80% (of maximum allowable cost) for essential services and 50% (of maximum allowable cost) for vital services. There is a limit to the benefits paid, which is $1,500 per person per calendar year. If an employee declines or withdraws from coverage, they will have to satisfy a three-year waiting period to re-enroll. Please see the plan booklet for complete eligibility and benefits.
●    Preventive dental is required with the health plan.
●    Orthodontia is NOT included in the dental plan.
●    For more information regarding Dental benefits, please visit the A&I HRD website for access to a benefit plan booklet: 


Life Insurance 
●    The Standard Company underwrites the group life insurance plan. It provides up to $50,000 basic plus $20,000 accidental death or dismemberment coverage, and $4,000 for spouses and each child.   In addition to the Standard Company insurance plan, the retirement system offers an optional group term life insurance plan, with up to $165,000 coverage, through Prudential. The premium for this plan is $16 per month. Open enrollment is from September 1 through November 30 each year.
●    For further information regarding life insurance options, please visit:


Short &/or Long-Term Disability

The State of Wyoming provides you with the opportunity to purchase Voluntary STD or LTD insurance, which is designed to pay a benefit to you in the event you cannot work because of a covered illness or injury. This benefit replaces a portion of your income, thus helping you meet your financial commitments in a time of need.


Retirement Benefits 

PENSION PLAN - Sworn law enforcement officers are required and automatically enrolled in the Warden, Patrol, & DCI Plan at the time of hire.

●    Total contribution into the plan is 29.44% of an employee's salary (including base, holiday pay, longevity, and shift pay), the State currently contributes 26.8%, and the employee contributes presently 2.64%.
●    A benefit of 2.50% per year of service is paid (not to exceed 75%). The percentage spent is based on the highest three consecutive years' average salary.
●    An employee is vested in the retirement system with full benefits after six (6) years.
●    An employee is eligible for retirement when reaching age 50 plus meeting the vesting requirements. There is no early retirement under this plan. An employee must begin drawing this benefit no later than age 65.

457B DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLAN - This plan is optional for state employees.

●    Employees are automatically enrolled with an automatic deferral rate of 3% of pre-tax pay. 
●    Allows a member to opt-out of participation within 30 days after notice of participation is provided.
●    Contributions will be invested in the age-appropriate target-date fund unless the member affirmatively elects other investment option(s) 
●    A member may change their investments or future contribution amount at any time.
●    The deferred amounts are before-tax dollars, reducing the current tax rate. The minimum investment in the plan is $20. WYDOT will also contribute $20 to employees who invest in the plan. There is also an option for post-tax contributions. No federal income taxes are paid on deferred income until the investment is returned upon retirement, termination, or an unforeseeable emergency withdrawal. Several investment options are available to employees under this plan.


Veteran  Administration Benefit 
●    The Patrol currently participates in the Veterans Administration's "On-The-Job" Training program. Please contact your local Veterans Administration office for further details.
●   The Veteran Administration's "On-The-Job" training program is a financial benefit available to those who qualify and have been honorably discharged from the military. The VA will compensate the recruit a monthly salary for up to two years while involved in the Wyoming Highway Patrol's training program.