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Wyoming Highway Patrol Mission:


To serve and protect the traveling public while earning their trust and respect through compassion and professionalism

Did You Know?

Positions and Responsibilities 


1. K-9 section  


The Wyoming Highway Patrol K-9 Team consists of twelve canines specializing in either narcotics or explosives detection. Currently, the Wyoming Highway Patrol has ten narcotics detection canines assigned to Field Operations and two explosives detection canines assigned to Division 'O' (Cheyenne), which is responsible for securing Wyoming's State Capitol, the governor's executive protection, and other dignitaries.   

The primary goal of our canine team is to enhance public safety through proactive patrol and aggressive enforcement of Wyoming State Statutes, with an emphasis on highway safety and criminal interdiction.  Members of the canine team are strategically assigned throughout the state to maximize their efforts on our state and federal highway systems while working with local Troopers to reduce and interrupt the trafficking of people and contraband, as well as the illegal proceeds of these activities.  

The Wyoming Highway Patrol Canine Team works closely with the Rocky Mountain High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (RMHIDTA) program and the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) in coordinating arrests and seizures.


2. Motor Carrier

Motor Carrier Troopers for the Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) assume the top classification for the rank of Trooper (Trooper III) for the agency. Motor Carrier Troopers join the Motor Carrier Section at their request after meeting the requirements to join the section. Once selected, these Troopers receive an extensive amount of additional training to conduct advanced commercial vehicle inspections. Some types of these advanced inspections include CVSA Level I/II, Cargo Tank, Other Bulk Packaging, Hazardous Materials, and Passenger Vehicle.

Motor Carrier Troopers are also responsible for State size and weight enforcement and are considered advanced subject matter experts in size and weight enforcement for the WHP. Motor Carrier Troopers are responsible for training new and incumbent WHP Troopers to include academy, in-service and local size and weight training.

WHP Motor Carrier Troopers are responsible for establishing roadside inspection details across the state throughout the year. These roadside inspection details include the yearly 72-hour safety road check and cooperative information with federal partners in Yellowstone National Park.  

WHP Motor Carrier Troopers serve a vital role in education and partnerships for the trucking industry in Wyoming. Motor Carrier Troopers in Wyoming provide many educational opportunities for the trucking industry. They serve on safety councils and committees throughout the year, working hand-in-hand with the Wyoming Trucking Association and other trucking industry partners to increase Wyoming's highway and commercial vehicle safety.


3. Dispatch

Wyoming Highway Patrol operates a centralized communications center based in Cheyenne. Dispatchers communicate and coordinate the efforts of the Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers statewide and several other agencies and emergency responders. 

Wyoming Highway Patrol Dispatchers are highly skilled and proficient in operating statewide multi-towers, computerized, two-way radio networks, and a multi-faceted, computer-aided dispatch system. 

Dispatchers provide a communications link between the public and emergency services. They ensure officers receive necessary assistance and backup with an emphasis on officer safety. They process trooper-initiated traffic stops and any other trooper response. They direct emergency response to motor vehicle crashes and other emergencies. They document officer activities and further event details. Dispatchers also give officers information from computerized law enforcement files. 


4. Executive Protection Division

The Executive Protection Troops provide security for the Governor, First Spouse, First Family, Capitol, and some state offices. Protection is provided while traveling in the State of Wyoming, throughout the United States, and internationally. On occasion, members of the Executive Protection Troop are assigned to cover the responsibilities of a road division. The Executive Protection Division coordinates and assists visiting dignitaries and their Executive Protection Units while visiting the State of Wyoming. The Executive Protection Division provides security for the assigned state buildings and is in uniform. 

Troopers assigned to the Executive Protection Division develop partnerships with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies across the United States and foreign countries. The Executive Protection Division is required to complete threat assessments on threats arising from personal contact, correspondence, electronic notification, or any other form of communication targeting elected officials and state employees under their responsibility.

5. State Trooper

Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers have a lot of responsibilities that go with the position. Some of these include: enforcing the uniform traffic code, apprehending those who transport illegal drugs on Wyoming highways, investigating motor vehicle crashes, conducting criminal interviews and interrogations, aiding and assisting disabled motorists, traffic control and maintaining roadblocks, preparing cases for court, and testifying as a witness, responding to civil disorders, transporting emergency medical supplies across the state, operating and maintaining a variety of law enforcement equipment, tools, weapons, and vehicles, providing safety education to the public, collecting, preserving, and analyzing evidence, preparing detailed, reports, assisting and cooperating with other law enforcement agencies, stabilizing emergency situations, administering first aid, executing search warrants, maintaining liaison with the court systems and the public to promote a cooperative law enforcement atmosphere.

6. WHP Trooper Assigned to DCI Task Force

The agency assigns Troopers to the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) as Task Force Officers (TFO). The duties and responsibilities of each position will be defined along with DCI and personnel assigned to those positions made aware of the expectation and responsibilities of that position. 

7. Port of Entry Office   

A Port of Entry officer is well-informed regarding statutes, rules and regulations, and agency policies and procedures. They verify and enforce permits, licensing, and registration of commercial vehicles and ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Port of Entry Officers are also responsible for State size and weight enforcement and are considered advanced subject matter experts in size and weight enforcement. They determine Import and Export requirements for various commodities for other agencies and complete CVSA Inspections.