WYDOT has initiated a Transit Assessment to identify what transit improvements, if any, should be incorporated into the WYO 22/WYO 390 and Snake River Bridge improvements. The purposes of this study are:

1. Review corridor recommendations from previous studies related to transit/BRT and roadway improvements on WYO 22 and WYO 390 between Jackson and Teton Village 

2. Review proposed improvements to WYO 22/WYO 390 (Jackson-Wilson Road, Snake River Bridge, Teton County)

3. Assess the need for improvements to accommodate bus rapid transit. Evaluate the compatibility of the proposed WYO 22/WYO 390 improvements with implementation of future transit/bus rapid transit improvements.

4. Recommend modifications to the WYO 22/WYO 390 (Jackson-Wilson Road, Snake River Bridge, Teton County) improvement plans to accommodate future bus rapid transit. 

5. Obtain stakeholder and public input on the alternatives to identify a set of recommended alternatives.

*It is important to note that WYDOT is not in charge of the local transit program.  The current transit program is currently managed by the Teton County and the Town of Jackson.  This study is limited in scope to just how the proposed project could impact the operations of the transit system in the area.  This study was not initiated to pursue or evaluate the entire system.


2019 Transit Study (2.93  MB)