Preferred Intersection: Florida T

Eliminated Alternative: Two-lane Roundabout

Preferred Intersection: Florida T


Eliminated Intersection Alternatives

The Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI)

Would require multiple signalized intersections
Would require additional overhead sign structures to provide directional guidance
The existing below grade pedestrian crossing would potentially need to be modified.


The Reconfigured-T (Modified-T)

No route continuity  Also this type of intersection
Would require dual lefts for the westbound 22 movement and overhead sign structures would be necessary to provide directional guidance
No adequate u-turn locations are available on WY 390 for drivers that inadvertently head northbound on WY 390
The existing below grade pedestrian crossing would need to be modified.
Environmental concerns exist because of impacts to adjacent wetlands.

The Expanded Existing (Additional lanes)

The intersection level of service D in the design year and the southbound WY 390 leg is over capacity.