Withdrawal Definitions

What is the difference between a suspension and a revocation?

Suspension: A suspension affects a person’s driving privileges, but does not typically affect their driver license, meaning the driver license is not cancelled when the suspension starts and you may be able to get that license back after the suspension has ended.

Revocation: A revocation affects a person’s driving privileges and their driver license. The driver license is cancelled at the start of the revocation and you’re required to go through an investigation prior to applying for a new license when the revocation has ended.

What is the difference between a mandatory suspension and an indefinite suspension?

Mandatory Suspension: A mandatory suspension has a defined suspension period that is prescribed in Wyoming law.

Indefinite Suspension: An indefinite suspension does not have a prescribed timeframe; therefore, it has no end date. If a person does not want the suspension to stay on their driving record, they may submit the required documents prior to the start of the suspension and the suspension will be removed from the record. A person is not eligible for a probationary license for an indefinite suspension (with the exception of a child support suspension), as they have the option to prevent or end the suspension by complying with the requirements.