Collision Type with Crash Severity   
               Fatal Crashes with Drivers Condition  
               Injury Crashes with Drivers Condition   
               PDO Crashes with Drivers Condition   
               Fatal, Injury & PDO Crashes with Age and Gender 
               Fatal, Injury & PDO Crashes with Vehicle Type         
               Age with Injury Severity (Fatal & Injury) 
               Truck Configuration be Cargo Body Type with Injury Status 
         School Bus 
               Road Conditions & Weather Conditions with Crash Severity 
               Manner of Collision & Junction Relation with Crash Severity   
               Fatal, Injury & PDO Crashes with Vehicle Type        
               Roadway Type with Crash Severity 
               Age by Crash Severity, Fatal Age by Injury Status & Injury by Injury Status  

               Injury Status with Age and Safety Equipment 
               Drivers Condition with Crash Severity 
               Drivers Action with Crash Severity