Highway Safety Crash Data Analysis Team


Michael Janicek,
Records and Data
Management Supervisor
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Kari Fictum
Records and Data
Management Analyst
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Tracy Romero
Records and Data
Management Specialist II
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Tahnee Hutchinson
Records and Data
Management Specialist I
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Wyoming Comprehensive Report on Traffic Crashes

The Wyoming Comprehensive Report on Traffic Crashes identifies and describes the occurrence of traffic crashes, crash-related injuries, and fatalities.

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Wyoming Fatal Fast Facts

The Wyoming Fatal Fast Facts, produced annually, briefly summarizes the occurrence of fatal traffic crashes and fatalities. Prior to the 2008 data, Wyoming Fatal Fast Facts were separated into two publications - all fatal crashes and those involving alcohol.  The 2008 edition combined both Fatal Fast Facts and Fatal Alcohol Fast Facts.

Beginning in 2011 the Fatal Fast Facts will no longer be a separate publication, but will be incorporated into the annual Comprehensive Report on Traffic Records.

Fatal Fast Facts:
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Fatal Alcohol Fast Facts:

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Wyoming Problem Identification

The “Wyoming Highway Safety Problem Identification" is compiled for an in-depth analysis of traffic safety program areas which are directly eligible for federal highway safety funding consideration. Crash analysis is to determine trends, over representation, problem locations and comparisons with state and national occurrences. The general topic areas include occupant protection, alcohol, speed, motorcycles, pedestrian and bicycle safety. 

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