Field Operations


The primary focus of the Wyoming Highway Patrol is Public Safety and we accomplish this through our efforts on highway safety throughout the 6,800 miles of State Highways in Wyoming. With the focus being on safety our Troopers strive to reduce the number and severity of property damage, serious injury, and death crashes that occur on Wyoming’s highways. Nearly 210 State Troopers will drive more than 5-million miles a year and make tens of thousands of contacts. These contacts range from assisting stranded motorists, public education events, enforcing State Statutes, enforcing commercial carrier rules and regulations, criminal interdictions, and working motor vehicle crashes, to name a few. On average a Trooper has contact with the public in one of these ways every 30 minutes.

In 2019 Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers worked 7,717 motor vehicle crashes on our public highway system. Due to the remote nature of Wyoming, our Troopers are often the first on the scene to provide emergency aid to victims.  Troopers will spend approximately 15,00 hours conducting follow-up investigations and reports.

The Field Operations command also provides State Capital Protection and executive protection duties for the Governor of Wyoming. The Troopers assigned to this specialty position receive advanced training in all aspects of executive protection, ranging from threat analysis, to bomb detection and prevention, to being assigned directly to the Governor.  

Criminal Interdiction is another area of focus of the Field Operations and this is accomplished through specially trained Troopers and their Canine partners. These Troopers are selected for their success in local and inter-state criminal apprehensions. These apprehensions range from recovery of stolen items and vehicles, to human smuggling recovery, to narcotics smuggling.  

The aim of all these efforts- the endless hours of patrolling, the public contacts, the safety education events, the specialized training, and equipment- all are aimed at the goal of making a difference in our local communities. Each member of the Wyoming Highway Patrol directly contributes to the success of our Public and Highway Safety efforts.