Basic Safety Measures for an Oversize Load


FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION ON THESE REQUIREMENTS go to; Rule Governing Size, Weight  and Permits on the Legal Size and Weight Page located on the lefthand side. 
·          Restricted to Daylight hours only unless specified in Hours of Movement for Oversize Loads below
·         Signs visible front and rear that read “ OVERSIZE LOAD . The signs shall have a yellow background and be at least 60 inches wide by10 inches high, with black letters at least 8 inches high, and painted in 1-inch wide brush strokes.
·         12” square red or fluorescent orange flags on all four corners, any projections wider than the corners and on rear overhang of 4’ or greater
·         Headlights and taillights on and visible
·         Check for escort requirements on the Escort Information page located on the lefthand side. 

Hours of Movements for Oversize Loads


Hours of movement of any oversize load or vehicle shall be made only during daylight hours, except for the following:
1. With permission of the Wyoming Highway Patrol
2. A single unit as part of a combination exceeding 60 feet in length, properly permitted, signed and lighted provided the overall length does not exceed 110 feet. A single unit alone exceeding 60 feet in length, properly permitted, signed, and lighted provided that single unit does not exceed 75 feet.
3. A load up to 10 feet wide properly permitted and equipped may travel on Interstate Highways only (with allowance given on primary and secondary highways for 5 miles for food, fuel, services or terminal or point of delivery).
4. A vehicle or load responding to an emergency as determined by the Wyoming Highway Patrol will be allowed to operate after hours providing it is properly permitted, signed, lighted and has escort(s) as follows:
a) Interstate highways, a vehicle or load that exceeds 10 feet in width shall have one escort to the rear.
b) Primary and Secondary highways, a vehicle or load that exceeds 8'6" in width shall have two escorts, one to the front and one to the rear.

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