Super Loads Application Form


This program has been developed to assist carriers in obtaining a SUPER LOAD authorization through the Office of Overweight Loads (OWL).  
Before sending a request, make sure you understand the following information:
·         Be sure to research your requested route to ensure the move is not affected by any restrictions or structures before submitting the request. Vertical clearances, width, and weight restrictions may be found on the Wyoming Department of Transportation web site or by clicking here.
·         The move must be in compliance with all Wyoming Statutes and Regulations governing oversize/weight movements. This information can be found on the Wyoming Highway Patrol web site or by clicking here.
·         The information must be true and accurate; if it is found to be incorrect by a permit issuer the driver may be issued a citation for the violation, and a new authorization will need to be obtained. When the authorization is issued, it will only be valid for the specific information requested on the Super Load Request.doc form.
·         Be specific, where a load starts or ends in Wyoming. Give a crossroad or milepost as to where you will be getting on or off the state highway system. Also, when you are using city or county roads as part of your route, be sure to indicate them on your request.
·         If the load is delayed, canceled or you need to make any corrections on a request, contact the OWL office ASAP by email. 
·         Loads over 18’ wide or high must be approved 24 hours before moving. Loads over 18’ wide will be restricted during school bus and mining hours. The approximate time the movement will start for these loads must be within 30 minutes.
·         To help us determine a route for loads that are over 16’ high, you will need to indicate if a load can be lowered and by how much to clear a structure. This should be noted on the form in the "comment/remarks/added restrictions" area.
·         Loads that require a bridge analysis will require additional forms from OWL that need to be completed and returned. These forms may be found on the Super loads/Overweight Loads Office web page. The bridge analysis may not be performed until OWL has received the completed forms.
HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST: You must have Microsoft Word 97 or later to use the request form and have an email account. Your request may be sent at any time, and we will process them as soon as possible Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. Requests sent in after 4:00 p.m. will usually be handled the next business day. 
·      Download the Super Load Request.doc form below. Open the form and fully complete it. Save as a Word Document.
·      Send an email with the fully completed form attached. The subject line in your e-mail should show the Company name and the power unit plate number. 
The vehicle may NOT move on Wyoming highways until OWL sends you an authorization number.

Application Form for Super Load Requests