Class W Permits and Application Forms

Class W Permits (For Multi-Piece Loads Exceeding 117,000 Pounds)


(a)        The director of the Wyoming Department of Transportation or an authorized representative may issue Class W permits for vehicles at weights in excess of limits allowed in W.S. 31-18-802(a) (vi) (shown in Table I of these rules and regulations).  To qualify for such a permit, these vehicles shall be required to meet the axle and bridge formula specifications of 23 U.S.C.. 127 (shown in Table 3) and pursuant to Section 335 of the Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act 1991 (104 Statute 2186), Public Law 101-516; and Sections 1023 (d)(1)(A) and (B) of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991.  Permit fees for vehicles operating under this provision shall be paid in accordance with the following rules:

            (i)         A power unit receiving a Class W permit shall be capable of maintaining a speed of 25 miles per hours on a grade of 5 percent or less when fully loaded.

            (ii)        Permits may be granted for legal size vehicles meeting the qualifications found in this section of rules and regulations to travel on highways exclusive of Interstates.

            (iii)       Permits may be valid for one year from the date of issue.  Permits may be obtained from Wyoming Highway Patrol Overweight Loads Office in Cheyenne.  Providing the company is in compliance with following paragraph (v), a one trip permit may be obtained from the permit-issuing authorities listed in preceding Section 4, Permit-issuing Authorities and Types of Permits Available, for a fee of 6 cents for each ton or fraction of a ton exceeding the statutory limits for each mile traveled, with a minimum fee of $40.00.

            (iv)       Permit fees shall be in accordance with Table 4.

            (v)        Carriers shall not have a conditional or unsatisfactory safety rating to be eligible for Class W permits.  Intrastate Carriers may be eligible to apply for Class W permits one year after receiving a US DOT number.

            (vi)       The Wyoming Highway Patrol Overweight Loads Office may audit company records related to this permit as necessary to assure compliance.  Carriers shall maintain records for 3 years.

            (vii)      Application and permit fees shall be non-refundable.  However, a vehicle permit may be transferred to another power unit for a fee of $25.00 if the permitted unit is sold or wrecked.

            (viii)     Companies shall be required to furnish a certified affidavit of mileage for each vehicle permitted.  An entire fleet may be permitted by using the average of all Wyoming miles as established by the previous year’s International Registration Plat (IRP) record or other certified record.  Vehicles shall be registered in Wyoming for at least 117,000 pounds.

            (ix)       Any changes in weights and/or mileage shall require the issuance of a new permit with corresponding fees.

(b)        Following are penalties for violation.

            (i)         Any person failing to comply with these rules and regulations shall be subject to the penalties set forth in W.S. 31-18-805, and the permit shall be subject to revocation.

            (ii)        Violations of the permit’s condition shall void the permit and shall be construed as operating without a permit. The individual power unit permit shall also be cancelled.

            (iii)       Applications and permits of individuals or companies shall be canceled after three violations in a 12 month period.

            (iv)       Canceled carriers shall submit a new application and pay all required fees (including application fee) for individual power units.

(c)        Following are application procedures for Class W permits.

            (i)         Individuals and companies requesting these permits shall complete a written application and pay a non-refundable application fee of $100.00

            (ii)        Applications may be obtained by writing or contacting the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Overweight Loads Office, 5300 Bishop Blvd., Cheyenne, WY, 82009-3340 or from our website.

            (iii)       Though application and permit fees are non-refundable, a vehicle permit shall be transferable to another power unit for $25.00 if the permitted unit is sold or wrecked.