Information for Bridge Analysis

Necessary Information for Bridge Analysis

1. Company Name & Address, Contact person & Phone number, Truck unit #, and Truck plate #.
2. Side view of configuration indicating the number of axles and axle spacing’s between each and every axle.
3. Top view of configuration indicating axle widths and number of tires per axle.
4. Distances inside to inside and outside to outside of tires on axle or dolly groupings.
5. Tire sizes
6. Proposed or actual axle group weights. (Insufficient weights will delay movement and require further analysis. Enforcement action may be taken.)
7. Overall dimensions: Overall Length, Single Unit Length to include the trailer and all attachments including any overhang, Width and Height.
8. Point of origin of movement.
9. Destination of movement. (Make sure to include the exact location to ensure correct route of analyzation)
10. The proposed route of travel.
11. Proposed date of movement.


1. If a “Push Truck” will be utilized at any time during movement in Wyoming, the push truck must be included in the drawing of the configuration. The push truck will be included as part of the Single Unit Length.
2. Axle spacings must be in feet and inches, i.e.16’4”, 4’6”, etc.
3. Be sure to request enough weight to cover fluctuations between different scales. Not all scales are the same.
4. If the vehicle configuration is different from what is submitted for analysis, enforcement action may be taken. Please make sure all information is correct. This will prevent any delays that may occur for inaccurate measurements. If you have any changes, please contact this office immediately.

The Bridge Department asks for two weeks' time to perform the analysis. The charge for analysis of any configuration will be $50.00 per hour to cover computer time and labor for the time invested in the analysis. Any carrier or individual requesting analysis will be responsible for payment of the charges, regardless of whether or not the movement of the load is approved. If the movement of the load is approved, the analysis charges must be paid before a permit will be issued.


Bridge Application for Bridge Analysis