Wyoming Highway Patrol Communications Center

Wyoming Highway Patrol operates a centralized communications center based in Cheyenne. In this center WHP dispatchers make a difference each and every day. WHP dispatchers communicate and coordinate not only the efforts of WHP troopers statewide but also the efforts of a number of other agencies and emergency responders. WHP dispatchers are highly skilled and proficient in the operation of a statewide multi-tower computerized two-way radio network and a multi-faceted, computer aided dispatch system. WHP dispatchers use these and a variety of other resources to:

  • Provide a communications link between the public & emergency services
  • Ensure officers receive necessary assistance and backup with an emphasis on officer safety
  • Process trooper initiated traffic stops and/or any other situations requiring trooper response
  • Direct emergency response to motor vehicle crashes and other emergency situations
  • Send medical assistance to the injured
  • Direct aid to disabled motorists
  • Document officer activities and event details
  • Provide officers with information from computerized law enforcement files
  • Furnish information to other law enforcement, the public and numerous other agencies

Typically no two days are the same for a WHP dispatcher, which certainly provides for a variety within their daily scope of duties.

"WHP Dispatch is a vital link between the public and emergency services, committed to serving with courtesy, professionalism and compassion."   WHP Dispatch's Vision Statement

State Agency Law Enforcement Communications System

The Wyoming Highway Patrol Communications center is also responsible for providing dispatch services to other agencies via a radio system called the State Agency Law Enforcement Communications System or SALECS. SALECS enables dispatchers to communicate with and dispatch calls to:
·         Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation
·         Wyoming Game & Fish Department
·         Wyoming Outfitter Board
·         Wyoming Livestock Agents
·         U.S. Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement
·         U.S. Forest Service Rangers
·         State Brand Inspectors
·         State Park Rangers