Slide repairs completed on Chief Joseph Slide; new repairs start near slide area; public meeting May 24

May 3, 2018

WY296slide 5-2-2018.jpgA private contractor and Wyoming Department of Transportation personnel are continuing temporary repairs of new cracks in WYO 296 on the switchback above the Chief Joseph Slide area.

The contractor, Geological Stabilization, Inc., (GSI) of Grand Junction, Colo., completed repairs Monday on the Chief Joseph Slide. Work on the Chief Joseph Slide included installation of a soil nail wall, according to WYDOT resident engineer Todd Frost of Cody.

"The work consisted of stabilization of the existing single-lane detour," Frost said. "The detour has a 10-foot width restriction and a 48,000-pound weight restriction. The 10-foot width restriction will remain in place until further notice, and the weight restriction is currently being reviewed and may be modified in the near future."

During the work on the Chief Joseph Slide, Frost said WYDOT employees began monitoring another minor settlement area directly above the slide area on the switchback above the slide.

"Monday, WYDOT contracted with GSI for stabilization of this small settlement area. Work started today, May 2, and will take about a week to complete. At this time, traffic delays are minor," Frost said.

In other news, WYDOT and U.S. Forest Service personnel met Monday morning in Cody to continue development of a permanent repair for the Chief Joseph Slide. WYDOT began working in the area last fall with geology crews drilling the slide area to help determine its size and the possible scope of repairs. The work last fall and design through the winter will help to accelerate the permanent repairs, Frost said.

"The U.S. Forest Service is joining WYDOT in this cooperative project along the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway," Frost said. "We appreciate the willingness of everyone at Monday's meeting to work together on this issue. We appreciate everyone's involvement and collaboration."

A public meeting for Sunlight Basin and Crandall residents, and open to all citizens, has been scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Thursday, May 24, at the Chief Joseph RV Park, formerly the Painter Outpost, near the Clark's Fork River.

The Chief Joseph Slide began sliding on April 19, and single-lane traffic control over the slide area has been in place since then. The slide area is located in the same location as a similar slope failure last spring. 

The Chief Joseph Slide is located at milepost 26.1, about 20 miles west of WYO 296's intersection with WYO 120, northwest of Cody.

For information about WYDOT's work, contact public relations specialist Cody Beers at (307) 431-1803.